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Introducing: The Spark

This month the Hornby Hackerspace community has chosen a new name for our collective, calling it The Spark. We have also registered a domain name and a website will be coming soon... We have had an informal meeting with an engineer regarding the current condition of...

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Hacks are for kids

Next year 10 kids will be leaving the preschool to enter the community school and in 2016 at least 6 new Hornby residents will be born. It’s exciting to see the number of children increasing. If you’re wondering how we can help young families to live and thrive here,...

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Why We Hack

To understand why we, or anyone else, would want to "hack", it helps to understand how those currently in the hacking community use the term, and what they mean by the term. In our case, the term “hack” generally refers to taking an object, process, situation, or just...

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Hackerspaces in communities near and far

The terms Hacker and Hackerspace are becoming so mainstream that even a popular women’s magazine Chatelaine had “hacks” on their cover this month. So what do these spaces look like? What are other communities doing with their spaces? In Vancouver, hackerspaces are on...

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How does a Hackerspace benefit Hornby?

Most Hornby locals are in tune with our natural surroundings and connect with the physical spaces on this Island. The hackerspace is a project that will enable us to move into our future in a sustainable manner by providing economic, social and environmental benefits...

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A Hackerspace on Hornby

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new local initiative whose time has come, a hackerspace for Hornby. What is a hackerspace? Essentially, it’s a communal workspace; a place to help create sustainable community and self-reliance from a grass-roots collective...

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