Wednesday June 19 @ 3:00 pm
The Spark Hall – 3850 Central Rd

The Hornby Spark – A New Life for the Old Fire Hall
The Hornby Spark Society has been successfully operating a satellite Makerspace on Hornby
Island since 2017. We have sold over 70 memberships and held dozens of workshops. We
have been working hard to acquire the Old Firehall for use as our permanent community
space. The Old Firehall started in 1969, which makes this year it’s 50 th anniversary! The Hall
was built by the community for the community and we look forward to continuing its legacy as
a valuable asset for Hornby Islanders. As of June 1, The Hornby Spark Society is the proud
owner and operator of this amazing community resource!
What is a Makerspace? A makerspace is a place where people with shared interest, can
gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, skills, knowledge & equipment. The main
objective is to create a community-operated physical place, where people learn and share
innovative creative skills, education, and collaborate on projects. A main focus of The Spark
is skills development and access to tools. We provide facilities for people to create their own
work, varying from creating small crafts for sale at local markets to larger industrial projects.
The space also functions as a “product incubator” for residents to create new products and
business ventures. The space will foster community resilience for changing economic times.
We are now seeking new members who want to show support for this newly acquired
community asset. To purchase a membership or for more information visit our website.
We look forward to seeing our community that has supported us on this adventure at the
Open House, we thank you for your support.