July 16 – Arduino Workshop: 1-3pm @ Room to Grow 


What is an Arduino? An introduction and demonstration into the world of microcontrollers. This beginner level workshop will give an overview of the technology and explore how arduinos can benefit anyone. How can an Arduino improve your life? There are endless possibilities here, and only your mind (or the internet) is the limit… An arduino to open and close the chicken coop door at dawn and dusk. You could make a night lamp for kids that lights up when it’s dark and changes colour automatically. A telephone ringer tailored for the hard-of-hearing. Become a master brewer with your own malt kiln. Soil moisture measurement, light and temperature sensors in a greenhouse. Build a robot that makes you a sandwich. Bring your ideas, enthusiasm and an open mind. Cost is $20*


July 29 – Wearable LED projects: 1pm-3pm @ New Horizons


In this workshop you will learn to make a small item that lights up: examples include a bracelet, broach, or a pillow that lights up when you sit on it, a small stuffed animal, or some other creative idea you might have (Google wearable LED projects). We will be using conductive thread and making a small circuit to attach a LED light. This workshop includes: instruction, LED, battery, conductive thread and felt. If you want to work with a pillow or old t-shirt to experiment with, please bring that with you.  All other supplies provided including one LED light. This is an easy, very basic workshop that will be fun for everyone from ages 10 and up. Cost is $20*


August 27 – Robot Camp: 11am-3pm @ Room to Grow


Learn about what it takes to build robots. This course will introduce you to the world of hardware and software in a fun, seamless way. This robotics summer class is ideal for students who enjoy problem-solving and want to develop interpersonal skills through working in a collaborative team setting. Do you like the mechanics and engineering of making things work? How about the thought of designing robots? Are you a “hands-on” learner? Join us for part 1 of an ongoing robotics series, this first class will introduce you to a simple robot build. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Cost is $20*


September 17 – Repair Cafe: 12pm-4pm @ Joe King


Bring your items in need of repair and learn how to fix them! Items could be small appliances, bicycles, electronics, kids’ toys, small furniture, small engines, power tools, clothing and other household items. Repair cafes are trending all over the world right now as consumers become more aware of how unsustainable our current throw-away culture is. The concept of “perennial philosophy” is to try and keep the material objects in your life for as long as possible. The repair café concept appears to have originated in Amsterdam and has a much larger presence in Europe. It’s a great way to do something fun, useful, and educational in our community. So stop by to check it out, with or without something to fix. FREE event*
* All workshops are fundraising events for The Hornby Spark Society, however no one will be turned away for lack of funds.


For more information or to register for any of these workshops please email hornbyspark@gmail.com or call Quana at 250-335-2613