While we continue to work behind the scenes navigating the bureaucratic process of trying to obtain the old Firehall for use as a Community Workshop/Hackerspace/Makerspace, we are keen to get going with some hands on doing.

We have the back end of a tool library set up on our website, now all we need are some tools. If you have tools that you would be interested in renting or loaning out please be in touch!

In other news: a new Makerspace is popping up in Courtenay, The Shed Tool Library & Makerspace Co-op will be opening in January 2017 at the Habitat Restore. Their idea is quite similar to our own, provide a space for people to make, create, innovate, learn, and share expertise & knowledge. This fall they have teamed up with the Vancouver Island Regional Library (Courtenay branch) to host a series of Repair Cafes. Topics include: Bike Repair, Home Electronics, Small Furniture, Computer equipment, and Clothing/Textiles.

Would you like to see a similar course/workshop/cafe offered on Hornby? Be in touch if you would be willing to offer or participate in such an event.

For more information or to get involved come out to our next meeting at the Firehall on October 26 at 7:00pm or visit our Facebook page “Happy Hornby Hackerspace”


Contact us at hornbyspark@gmail.com

Submitted by Leanna Killoran and Quana Parker on behalf of The Spark, a family friendly community work space and innovation centre.