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We are currently preparing a feasibility study to report on the findings of how suitable the Old Firehall would be for use as a community workshop/Makerspace/Hackerspace. Our preliminary research includes determining the costs and renovations necessary to make the space usable for such activities as carpentry, mechanics, sewing and other crafts, computers and a general meeting and hang-out space.

The CVRD has a budget for demolishing the building and we are currently negotiating how long they will be willing to hold those funds for, as well as whether some of the funds could be used for the renovation or operating costs of using the building.

We will also be meeting with a lawyer and an accountant to determine the best business structure most suitable for this project in our community.

As well, we are conducting a community-wide survey to determine the interest and revenue potential for the space. If you have not yet seen the survey please go to:

The more data we can collect the more clout we will have in negotiating with the CVRD. Every opinion is valuable. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time and includes the following questions:

How would you be interested in using a Hackerspace/Makerspace/community workshop on Hornby?

What tools would you like to see available in the space?

Would you be interested in taking a workshop/educational course? If so, on what topics?

How much would you be willing to pay for a monthly membership? (A membership would include access to the space and use of most tools)

Would you be interested in renting space for individual usage?

If you could name the space anything you wanted what would you call it?

Are you willing to volunteer your time in some capacity to help establish this organization?

Are you willing to give financially to the organization?

Is there anything else you would like to comment on regarding the space or its usage?

Would you like to receive updates about the progress of this project?

For more information please come to our next meeting on Wednesday July 27 at 7:00pm at the Firehall or visit our Facebook page “Happy Hornby Hackerspace”

By Leanna Killoran and Quana Parker